Welcome to the Jópalócok Guest House

Jópalócok Guest House, the most beautiful pearl of Cserhátsurány was built in 2013. All are welcome in this little, hidden complex of the tenderly swaying Cserhát, in Nógrád county far away from populated areas.

Our house looks modern and elegant reflecting the harmony of combination of faultless stone and wood covering from the inside to the outside. We can offer our visitors a choice of 4+1 double rooms having en suite facilities, a conference room, a drink bar, wellness facilities and safe parking area in front of the house. The unique surrounding and the pretty, well-kept grassy area provide great recreation and a chance to rest.

Our focus is to equip the building with most modern devices and to ensure the careless entertainment in the 30 places conference room. It is ideal for small gatherings with friends or family, celebrations and business meetings.

Experience palóc hospitality in Jópalócok Guest House. Try a wide range of delicious, locally-made dishes reflecting traditional palóc flavors. We look forward to guiding you to a special experience in gastronomy.

We are also in the service of our guests when it comes to offering programs, forest trips or organizing transfer services.



Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:

for thereby some have entertained angels 



Saint Paul

No number, no street name

We all love mysteries and adventures but we avoid them too, as mysteries make us feel uneasy and adventures are scary.  Yet, there are exciting mysteries and refreshing adventures at an arm’s length from each of us. How can we reach them? For instance, by finding a house with no address details.  


The mysterious building

In Cserhátsurány, Nógrád county, at about a mile’s distance from the last cottage of the village, there is such a house. It is a newly built cottage with faultless red rooftiles, stone covering and plaster, with a rough paving yet unworn out by the cars in the parking lot. Next to the house, there are fruit trees on the hillside, and the water in the lake is crystal clear without redgrass or water lilies – although it is only a question of time to see nature take over as it has done with the creek down in the valley. How come this cottage is here, why build it? It is here to carry mysteries and offer adventures to its guests.


”Jópalócok” Guest House

A guest house is neither a hotel nor an inn. A guest house is there for the guests, not for the keeper’s profit. Staff presence is discreet, only just as necessary. Guests can spend time carefree with friends and relations, while unseen hands do the cleaning, check the pool temperature, sweep the snow off the ice on the lake and fill up the kitchen and bar with all kinds of good things.


Where lie the mystery and the adventure?

Mystery and adventure lie in ”Palócország”, the Palots country itself, for the guest house is just in the middle. Or almost.

This land has an uncontested beauty, its mysteries and adventures, however, still lie undiscovered by many. Mikszáth, a nineteenth-century author coming from the region, says:  Oh, lovely flowers of Palotsland! Maybe even a fairies’ garden or the pearls of the East cannot surpass the charm of your juniper-berries. And indeed, this land is uniquely intact. Nógrád county is the most afforested county in Hungary with half its territory covered by woodlands full of game, mushrooms, wild flowers and berries. Apart from the natural treasure, the region’s cultural heritage is also unrivalled.  




Phone: +36 70 311 5147
           +36 20 456 4470
           +36 30 338 2182
Fax: +36 35 549 002

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


parcel nr. 0154/1, 2676 Cserhátsurány

GPS coordinates:

47°59'21.2"N 19°24'40.0"E

47.989234992 19.411114153

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