Jópalócok Guest House has 4 air-conditioned, standard double rooms with extra beds for request (accommodation for 8+4 persons). The stylishly furnished rooms are non-smoking, anti-allergic, all with en suite facilities including a shower and a toilet.

The following amenities are available in the rooms: TV (satellite programs), hairdryer, air-condition, high speed internet access and french balcony.



A wide range of 24 hour wellness services are available for our guests. The indoor adventure pool area offers full relaxation having Jacuzzi with back and waist massage, neck shower, current jets, tropical shower, finnish sauna, light and aromatherapy. Massage services are available by making an appointment. The adventure pool, the sauna and the massage serve an overall feeling of well-being, a healthy balance of mind, body & spirit. Full relaxation generates healing energies in human body.


Fishing lake:      

Next to the house, there are fruit trees on the hillside, and a fishing lake with crystal clear water. Its size is 3000 square meters and the average depth of water measures 4 meters. In the unique natural environment the calmness is guaranteed and you are welcome to use the lake for rowing, hydro biking, canoeing and swimming. Four well-designed platforms provide unlimited fishing opportunities around the lake.


Garden, bread furnace, outdoor cooking options (BBQ & grilling, cauldron foods):

The house is surrounded by a 3000 square meters big grassed area. Anyone who likes refreshment and pampering will truly enjoy this almost untouched landscape. Sun beds and outdoor garden benches are provided for our guests.

There is a wood fired outdoor bread furnace next to the house. Delicious, crusty bread is made in it.

We offer you the pleasure of outdoor cooking. There is a covered area beside the bread furnace where you can barbecue, grill or make a stew pot on an open fire.

Giving off a homely and familiar vibe this covered garden are is a perfect place to eat or to meet friends and family.


Discover the country with ”Jópalócok” as your starting point


On foot:

You can walk to the castles of Hollókő, Buják and Szanda, each taking up a complete day. You can visit the Romanesque churches of Cserhátsurány and Herencsény. In Terény and Hollókő, discover the rich treasure of Palots folk architecture. Visit the mansions in Cserhátsurány and Nógrádsipek. Enjoy the views from the Sasbérc viewpoint, the castle of Szanda, or the top of Gyürki-hegy in Herencsény where the huge Palots Cross watches over the countryside. Visit the farm near Terény where Albert Szentgyörgyi, Nobel-prize scientist had spent his childhood. Discover Mohora and Csesztve with the mansions where a number of the great cultural personalities of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries had rested and received inspiration.


By bicycle:

Visit Balassagyarmat, the county capital with a rich past, the Palots Museum, the patinous  county hall, the beautiful bourgeois houses in the town centre, the villas around the Liget (Grove) and the banks of the Ipoly. Discover Szécsény, town of the Franciscan brothers, with the Forgács castle, the Catholic church and the Franciscan monastery, the Borjúpást (Calf Pasture) where at a peak point of Hungarian history the prince Rákóczi summoned Parliament (during the 18th century), and the adjoining  Benczúrfalva where the most beautiful grave monument of this county had been erected  to commemorate the great Romantic painter Gyula Benczúr. Visit also Szklabonya where the author Mikszáth was born, and Szécsénkovácsi, ancient nest of the noble family Krúdy, as well as Alsósztregova where another great poet of the 19th century, Madách lies buried.


By car:

Discover the lovely little towns of the Palots Highlands, Ipolyság, Nagykürtös, Kékkő, Fülek, Rimaszombat, Rozsnyó (all quoted here by their Hungarian names rather than the Slovakian ones you are likely to find on your maps…) or the castles that had once belonged to Hungary, Ajnácskő, Somoskő, Krasznahorka, Tornalja. The Geopark Nógrád-Novohrád holds for you a number of absolutely unique natural phenomena, the basalt stream in Somoskő or the finds of Ipolytarnóc from the Stone Age. You will be able to see the Miners’ Museum in Salgótarján, the Cistercian monuments in Pásztó, the woodlands of the Mátra hills, and taste the royal nectars of the Gyöngyös wine region.  


And if you stay at ”Jópalócok” Guest House…

… you will be able to taste the chef d’oeuvres of Palots cuisine. The fine light soups, the simple cabbage and potato dishes, the pasta types, noodles and pies, mushrooms fresh and dried offer real culinary delights.

From the fruit of the nearby garden and the fields are made delicious jams, squashes and spirits, and arriving at the appropriate time, you may even make your own jam or syrups yourself (but not spirits, unfortunately!). In the courtyard, grill and campfire cooking parties can be organized with or without help from the personnel. If interested in game, you can walk to the game preserve at the other end of the village to see the otherwise rarely visible wild boars in their natural environment, or choose angling and boating at the picturesque 20-hectare fishing lake, or else on the little lake next to the house. In the basement of the Guest House, tired trekkers are pampered by the wellness service, but even well-relaxed, one cannot resist to a good bubble bath.


It is an ideal holiday place for…


…everyone of course, but especially for families and friends, they will be lavishly accomodated up to 15 people.  Any company will enjoy a carefree stay here without having to mind organisational questions. Just call us or send us a short e-mail to the webpage of the Guest House. Try and see.



Phone: +36 70 311 5147
           +36 20 456 4470
           +36 30 338 2182
Fax: +36 35 549 002

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


parcel nr. 0154/1, 2676 Cserhátsurány

GPS coordinates:

47°59'21.2"N 19°24'40.0"E

47.989234992 19.411114153

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